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Andrej Krasovec

Dear clients, and business partners, My name is Andrej Krasovec, I was born and raised in the Netherlands. After a successful teaching career, I became an entrepreneur and sold telecommunication equipment across the Netherlands and Europe. After selling my company, I decided to move to Mallorca in 2005. Shortly after, I started working in the real estate market building up my market knowledge. A few years later, I saw an opportunity to open a real estate agency on the Adriatic coast for an international clientele of buyers. However, due to the worldwide financial crisis, I moved back to the Netherlands. I worked nationwide as a sales manager for a large furniture company, but I really missed the Mediterranean lifestyle. I moved back to Mallorca with my family after the birth of my twins. Over the years, I was able to deepen and acquire expert knowledge of the real estate market. I was directly involved in shaping the various transformation processes of several different companies. A sense of responsibility towards the people I work with or serve distinguishes me. I love my job and the appreciate the lifestyle here on this beautiful island with all these different facets. My goal is to find the best for you. You don't like a wall? I will help you find a solution. If you like a certain type of property, but you don't like the area, don't hesitate to tell me. I will find a solution. I will be happy to help you turn your personal dream of Mallorca into reality.

+34 634 331 006 ak@lfmallorca.com
Nadine Lederhilger

Dear clients, and business partners, My name is Nadine Sarah Lederhilger, I was born in the Palatinate and have a degree in logistics. After my studies, I worked for a renowned management consultancy in Frankfurt am Main. During my many years as a management consultant, I supervised projects throughout Germany. My focus was on process implementation, supply chain management and process optimisation. After more than 6 years in business consulting, I moved to a start-up company in Berlin, where I was responsible for setting up and managing logistics in one of the first German online supermarkets. Since I had been going on holiday to Mallorca several times a year since my early childhood, I decided at the age of 16 to live in Mallorca one day - my family always laughed at this… After a few very cold and grey winters in Germany, I put my plan into action in 2013 and took the step to Mallorca, both professionally and privately. In January 2017, I started working as a real estate agent in one of the best-known real estate agencies specialised in luxury properties in the southwest of Mallorca. In my first year I was the most successful saleswoman in the company and most importantly, found my true vocation. In the autumn of 2020, I made the decision to start my own business: Living Feeling Mallorca. The "Living Feeling Mallorca" that we all dream of. I would be happy to help you turn your personal dream of living in Mallorca into reality.

+49 162 6500002 nl@lfmallorca.com
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